Install Microsoft Graph Beta Module: Discover the Benefits

Install Microsoft Graph Beta Module: Discover the Benefits

After Microsoft announced the deprecation of PowerShell modules, such as Azure AD and MS Online, the MS Graph PowerShell modules gained attention from admins. However, the Microsoft Graph module might not provide all the necessary attribute values or properties. So, admins utilize the beta profile of the PowerShell module to fulfill them. But, with the Graph PowerShell module’s update to version 2.0, Microsoft separated the beta from the standard one and launched it as a separate module called Microsoft Graph beta. Let’s explore the detailed process to install Microsoft Graph beta module in Windows PowerShell.

Importance of Installing Microsoft Graph Beta Module

As a Microsoft 365 admin, you’re probably familiar with the significance of Microsoft Graph in managing your organization’s data and resources efficiently. However, did you know there’s even more to explore with the beta version?

Let’s take a practical example: When using the “Get-MgUser” cmdlet in MS Graph PowerShell, you can effortlessly retrieve user details. Yet, for certain critical properties like UserType‘, ‘AccountType‘, and AssignedLicense, there’s a slight twist – you require the beta module.

You might be wondering, “Why should I opt for the beta module when I can switch to the beta profile?”

However, the crucial answer lies in the fact that you need to install Microsoft Graph beta module for the following reasons.

  1. When you upgrade your MS Graph PowerShell module to version 2.0 or later, attempting to use the “Select-MGProfile Beta” cmdlet will result in displaying an error message stating “the term select mgprofile is not recognized“. To overcome this, you have to install a separate module for the beta version.
  2. By default, during the installation of Graph PowerShell for the first time, the latest version is usually installed. In such cases, you need to install the Microsoft Graph beta module to access beta capabilities.
  3. Additionally, with the beta module’s installation, you can effortlessly access the beta features, making it easier compared to switching to the beta profile each time. In this scenario, you can install and work with the beta module without updating the existing standard Graph module.

Install the Microsoft Graph PowerShell Beta SDK

You can install Microsoft Graph beta module for the currently logged-in user by running the below cmdlet in Windows PowerShell. This installs the latest version, if you want to install it with the specific Microsoft Graph beta version use the ‘RequiredVersion’ parameter.

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Beta -Scope CurrentUser

It asks for confirmation to install modules from an untrusted repository, select yes to continue.

You can also change the scope of the installation to AllUsers using theScope parameter as described in the below cmdlet. Execution of the below cmdlet requires admin permissions (PowerShell- Run as administrator).

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Beta -Scope AllUsers

Note: It is recommended to use Windows PowerShell with version 7 or later.

Connect to Microsoft Graph Beta

First, you have to connect Microsoft Graph PowerShell to experience the beta features and benefits.


After connection, it is necessary to use the prefix “Beta” with cmdlets that utilize the beta module.

For example, “Get-MgBetaUser” instead of “Get-MgUser” and “Get-MgBetaGroup” instead of “Get-MgGroup”.

Update the Graph PowerShell Beta Module

If you already have installed the PowerShell beta module and wish to update it to the latest version, use the following cmdlet.

Update-Module Microsoft.Graph.Beta

Note: Updating the older Graph PowerShell module to the latest version doesn’t install or update the beta module. You need to follow the separate procedure for Microsoft Graph beta module.

Uninstall Microsoft Graph SDK Beta PowerShell

To uninstall Microsoft Graph beta module, you can make use of the below cmdlet.

Uninstall-Module Microsoft.Graph.Beta -AllVersions

To remove all the dependency modules of the Microsoft Graph beta, run the following command.

Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph.Beta* | Uninstall-Module

Even though the beta module of MS Graph helps the admins, Microsoft recommends the stable version of MS Graph for writing scripts. It should be noted that the Microsoft Graph beta endpoint is still in preview and subject to change.

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With this blog, I hope you have gained a clear understanding of the Microsoft Graph PowerShell beta module and successfully installed it. Let’s know your queries and feedback through the comment section.

Install Microsoft Graph Beta Module: Discover the Benefits

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